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Many domain provider such as namecheap, godaddy, google offers free email forwarding services for their customer. But this is only applicable if you use their DNS. If you migrated DNS out to say CloudFlare then you have to setup email forwarding on your own.

Today we will setup email forwarding for a domain on using a service call hanami It has a few other alternative email forwarding service, but one of reason we used CloudFlare is for privacy to hide our real IP Address. We should do the same with email as well.

Email forwarding is a method which redirects emails sent to your domain, and sent it to your personal email account of your choice. Therefore, you can receive emails from your custom domain without exposing your personal email address.

It offers a few advantage over a traditional mailbox:

  • Consolidate many emails into a single inbox.
  • Create unlimited email addresses from your own domain.
  • Have control over your own domain. If anything happens with your underlying inbox, you can route the email to somewhere else.

I built which is a premium email forwarding service where we aim high for outstanding support…

Vinh founder. I like to make thing fast

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